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    What is a moral story?

    A moral story is a story that has a moral lesson. The lesson of such a story teaches us how to be a better person in the world.

    The moral of a story is something that you take away from the story and apply to your own life.

    Moral stories can be found in fairy tales, religious texts and fables. They are often used by parents to teach children right from wrong or to encourage them to achieve their goals and dreams.

    Moral stories use colorful characters, simple language and familiar settings to teach kids what they need to know in order to grow up into kind, compassionate people. They’re an important part of any parent’s toolkit when it comes to raising children who will make the world a better place for everyone else.

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    Why are Moral Stories Important?

    Moral stories are important because they help teach us the difference between right and wrong — something that’s not always clear for them when they’re young. These stories often feature characters who make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes so that they can do better next time.

    The moral of each of the best stories is usually something along the lines of: “Doing something badly isn’t worth it because it hurts other people.” This can be hard for young children to understand until they’re old enough to grasp abstract ideas like guilt or regret. Moral stories give them concrete examples of how actions can have consequences that are either good or bad depending on how you react after making the choice in question.

    The purpose of these stories is to make the listener realize his/her mistakes and try to correct them.

    Moral stories have been used for generations as an effective way of teaching right and wrong, good behavior and moral ethics.

    Example of moral stories:

    A good example of a long moral story is the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The hare thinks he can win a race against a tortoise without training, but he finds out that hard work pays off in the end when he loses to his slower opponent who trained for weeks before the race.

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    A shepherd boy repeatedly cried ‘wolf’ when there was no wolf in sight. One day when there really was a wolf, no one believed him because he had lied so many times before that they did not believe him anymore.

    The Tortoise and Hare

    In this story, a hare challenges a tortoise to a race. However, the hare stops frequently to rest and eats along the way while the tortoise keeps going without stopping for anything. As a result, the tortoise wins in the end! This teaches us that determination can help us achieve our goals even when everyone else thinks we can’t do it!

    The Selfish Giant

    This is a beautiful story about a giant who refuses to share his toys with the other children in his village. He keeps them all for himself and does not allow anyone else to play with them. One day, a little girl comes along and asks him if she can play with one of his toys but he refuses her request because he wants all the toys for himself. The little girl then leaves but returns later with some other children who start throwing rocks at him until they finally break down all the walls surrounding his house so that he has no place left to hide any of his toys anymore. The giant realizes that he was wrong by being selfish and finally lets go of all of his possessions so that everyone can play on equal grounds again.


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