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    7 Tips for Wearing Leopard Print

    Long gone are the days of monotonous monochrome – a walk down the high street is now an experience awash with colour and pattern. Leopard prints are leading the pack this season as part of the wider animal print trend. The print look is set to become popular with men as much as it is women this year.

    However, you must keep things in control or you’ll lose sight of your ultimate fashion goal. So, this year, if you are going to dress to impress with the latest leopard styles, you must follow some basic fashion tips.

    Keep it simple because less is more

    No matter how much you love this print, you must use it sparingly. Too much leopard print makes one look like a fashion victim. Try to keep it simple. If you are wearing a leopard coat, don’t pair it with leopard scarf or a handbag. Similarly, if you have a leopard handbag or shoes keep the clothing less gorgeous.

    Be bold with pretty colours

    Pair your leopard print with some vibrant tones giving a fabulous fashion and sleek style to your outfit. White, brown, taupe, and gold goes perfectly with it. For teenagers and fashion-conscious young people, striking colours like shades of red, green, army green, mint green, yellow, and pink are the most prominent choices.

    Remember the size

    The size of the print plays a key role in the making of your outfit. If you want to create a simple look, then the best way is to go for bigger leopard prints as they make you stand out from the crowd. If you prefer a sophisticated and elegant look, then you should choose smaller prints which will make you look restrained.

     One animal print at a time

    Melbourne’s leading personal stylist Sally Mackinnon believes animal prints are going to be the popular “it” pattern this season. Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it. Mixing animal print is a trendy runway fashion nowadays. But don’t get blinded by fashion runways or fashion magazine covers.  It could be a daring step as wearing more than one animal print can destroy your overall look. So, stick to one animal print at a time. If it’s leopard print, make it the highlight.

    Don’t over-accessorize your outfit

    Leopard printed accessories are a versatile way of complementing your entire outfit. Handbag, trolley bag, footwear, sunglasses, scarves, ornaments, and many other accessories are being tailored with leopard print. It’s true that accessories are the best way to elevate any look.  But this rule does not apply to leopard print. Too much leopard printed accessories make a negative impact on your outfit. Avoid over- accessorising to craft a smart and cool appearance.

    Colourful leopard prints

    Quite contrary to the traditional brown, white or yellow leopard prints, fashion runaways are showcasing cheerful coloured leopard prints. The colours include yellow, purple, blue, orange, and pink. We recommend teenagers and those who feel younger at the heart to try these colours.

    Be confident enough

    A lot of people – men and women, younger and older, feel uncomfortable wearing leopard prints for the first time due to a wild and heavy approach to it. They feel shy thinking that it doesn’t match their personality and regular styling. The fact is, if you are comfortable enough to carry it following these basic tips then you have nothing to worry about. According to fashion stylists “Wear it with enough confidence and you will look stylish.”

    Leopard print is not only reshaping the women’s fashion world, but it also dominates the global men’s fashion runaway. Starting from men’s wear leopard prints have spread toward men’s footwear and accessories.

    The biggest challenge with wearing the leopard print is fighting the social stigma that comes eventually. It is being said that it does have a lot of potential for those brave enough to incorporate it into their look and have certainly helped shake up the print scene which continues to dominate the entire fashion world. Follow these simple tips and be confident enough to wear leopard prints and set your own style trends.

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