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    Common Car Accident Injuries

    Often the most severe car accident injuries are to the neck and spine. These injuries are more likely to occur in front-end collisions than in rear-end collisions, and they can be painful and hard to treat. Spinal disc injuries can be extremely costly to treat, and can cause years of pain and require surgery.


    Whiplash in a car accident injury can be incredibly painful, and it can cause long-term pain and discomfort. Although it’s difficult to determine the full extent of the pain, it’s possible to get compensation for it. First, you should seek medical treatment. A doctor can help you determine which treatments are best for your injuries. You can also seek legal assistance from an attorney.

    Impact injuries

    Impact injuries are common in car accidents, and they often affect the front end of the car. Drivers may be hit by the steering wheel or window, and this impact can cause deep lacerations and bruises. More severe impacts can cause closed head injuries, which affect the contents of the skull. A mild impact may cause concussion, but a serious one could cause permanent brain damage. The extent of an impact injury depends on the amount of force and the speed of impact.

    Penetration injuries

    Penetration injuries from car accidents are caused by a variety of factors. Most often, they result from contact with metal, glass, or flying objects in the car. These items may include soda cans, pairs of shoes, cell phones, and coffee mugs. Pens are also a common source of penetrating injuries, so keeping them out of the car is essential.

    Internal bleeding

    If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Internal bleeding can occur in the chest, abdomen, and digestive tract due to blunt force trauma. Symptoms vary. They may be mild or severe, depending on the severity of the injury. In some cases, the bleeding may occur in the brain. This can cause seizures, numbness, or loss of consciousness.

    Broken bones

    Broken bones are a common injury suffered in car crashes. They can be simple or complex, and can require reconstructive surgery. Whether simple or complex, broken bones can leave you incapacitated for weeks or months. It is vital that you know the different types of broken bones and how to best treat them.

    Organ damage

    When a car accident causes internal damage, organs can be damaged. This can be devastating and necessitate extensive medical attention. In severe cases, organ damage may even prove life-threatening. It also results in significant medical bills and reduced work capacity for survivors. Additionally, internal injuries can lead to a deteriorating quality of life for survivors, as well as the surviving family members.

    Last but not least, in the event that the injury was caused by the actions of someone else, you might look for a catastrophic injury lawyer. You have the right to receive financial compensation for what you suffered in such a scenario. Just make sure you find the very best one you could locate that would service you.

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