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    Men’s Haircut Trends and Communication with their Barber

    Men’s haircut trends and styles continue to evolve each day as they love to experiment with their look all the time. They can be something extremely simple to being something that can be termed as “wild”. Whatever the haircut trend or style is, men follow a simple logic that they should look cool and fresh all the time no matter what their look is. They are fond of mixing different features, styles and hair lengths together in order to achieve what they have been looking for to complete their look. Majority of them tend to prefer short hair as they are easy to manage and clean as compared to long hair. Few haircuts are more popular than others due to which they continue to be a part of men’s haircut trends each year. However, every year new trends emerge and some of the best men’s haircut styles that emerged in 2019 are mentioned below:


    1. High Fade with Quiff

    The most common trend these days is to get the quaff haircut with shaved fringes. Majority of them tend to dye their hair in order to make their haircut stand out and most prominent amongst others. The high fade helps make the hair look messier and it immediately grasps your attention as compared to jet black or brown hair. A high fade is back in trend and many people are planning to get it done.

    2. Undercut Haircut

    Undercut hairstyle is a messy look that men love to have since a very long time. However, the messy undercut haircut has now been modified with shaved sides. It gives off a very rough yet wild look especially if you have thick hair.

    3. Classical side parting haircut

    No matter what, one cannot deny the fact that men look smart and classy in a classical side parting hairstyle that is fixed with the help of gel. It is one of the very few looks that can look modern and trendy all the time. Classical side parting hairstyle needs some shine to make it look more appealing therefore men can use shiny pomade to achieve the perfect hairstyle. Everyone is sure enough that this look can never go wrong.

    4. Textured Haircut

    If someone wishes to get two styling options in one haircut then textured haircut is the right option as it gives you the chance to go for a neat look or a messy look whenever you want. A stylizing gel can be used with the comb to get a neat finish or if you wish to have a messy look then simply don’t use a comb and let your fingers do the magic.

    5. Medium length classic haircut

    Medium length classic haircut for men’s is going to stay here till eternity as this is one of the safest and best options for men who are not willing to experiment with themselves. The haircut is suitable for any event or occasion as it is easier to manage and stylize yourself with the help of a perfect hairstyling kit.


    Ways to effectively communicate with your Barber

    However, no matter how many hairstyles or haircuts are available to choose from the most important part is its execution. One should know how to communicate with their barber as if there is a lack of communication then you can end up getting one of the worst haircuts you can ever come across. The most important aspects of effective communication are mentioned below:


    1. It is always better to ask your barber how they plan to execute the hairstyle you have been looking for. They have the required skills and expertise to share their thoughts and opinions on the haircut you have chosen for yourself. In some cases, they often end up suggesting a look that suits you more. Always trust their advice and instincts as they know what the right haircut is for you depending on the thickness of your hair. They will help you save yourself from any sort of disappointment.
    2. Try to search the haircut and mood it denotes in order to make sure whether it is exactly what you have been looking for. It is always better to look up for actors who have a similar haircut to be sure about your choice.
    3. Always mention the length of your haircut to avoid extra short or long length. Remember that long length can easily be trimmed whereas short length is something you have to deal with till your hair grow back. If you have long hair then make sure that you hold a few strands of your and point out the exact length that needs to be trimmed.
    4. Once the barber is done trimming your hair then the top finish is something will finalize your look. One should be aware of the top finish styles in order to decide the best option for yourself. The top finish styles include choppy, thinned, razored, and layered. You can always ask your hairstylist to explain to you further about top finish before they execute it on you as nothing can be done or reversed after it is done.


    Men’s haircut is not an easy task as if the haircut goes wrong then it is quite prominent and stands out even if you stylize your hair. It is always better to be well aware of the exact keywords that one can use to communicate effectively with your barber. Proper communication can help you achieve the exact look that you have been looking for. It is better to go through the Internet and look for the haircut that you wish to get. There are many Youtube tutorials as well that can help you determine whether your barber is following the right steps with the right procedure or not. There is no harm in having an ample amount of information regarding the haircut you want as at the end of the day your look matters the most.


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