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    Kitchen Remodeling Tips for a Beautiful and Functional Space

    Every home improvement project comes with its share of challenges, but kitchen remodels can be especially expensive and difficult. Because there are many different appliances to choose from, plumbing challenges to take into account, and storage problems to solve in addition to the appearance and feel of the room you’re thinking about. Not to mention that you still need to feed your family three meals a day, and takeaway quickly becomes boring.

    However, don’t allow the additional difficulties of a kitchen renovation persuade you to continue using an old or ineffective area. If you are about to hire home remodeling Columbus Ohio, discuss these renovation tips with them:

    A Countertop

    There is nothing as too much counter space. There never seems to be enough space for all the cleaning and meal preparation that has to be done. When designing the size and location of the counter, it’s crucial to think about how and in what sequence you prefer to do tasks. For instance, having room on both sides of the stove offers considerably more flexibility when handling uncooked components and prepared meals.


    No matter the size, design, or arrangement, there is a “working triangle” in every kitchen. That would be the sink, refrigerator, and stove, and they should be placed somewhat close to one another with the shortest distance between them. Additional factors that may impact this dynamic include the presence of many chefs or kitchen staff as well as any simultaneous duties. So, when acquiring the help of expert kitchen remodelers Columbus, keep these facts in mind.


    Roll-out shelves, pull-down storage, better utensil drawers, and fold-out spice racks, to mention a few, are just a few of the innovative storage ideas to implement when hiring a kitchen remodeling company. These designs also reduce a lot of traditionally wasted space. Working with an expert designer can open up a lot more alternatives for you, allowing you to optimize your storage capacity and free up your counters. When redesigning your kitchen, take this into account.

    Specialty Spaces

    If you are hiring a Columbus home remodeling company, know that modern kitchen provide additional flexibility and adaptability possibilities.

    • Pantries to store supplies and other items out of the way yet close at hand
    • Wet bars to simplify entertaining and prevent beverage flow from interfering with cooking responsibilities
    • Coffee stations with cabinets for condiments, room for mugs and utensils, and maybe pipes and connections for microwaves and coffee makers built in
    • A specialized storage mixer cabinet can keep your stand mixer and accessories, while a baking cabinet has ingredient bins and storage for utensils. There are even “magic” cabinets that appear out of nowhere to offer even more usable storage.
    • Storage for mail, schoolwork, chargers, and other equipment may help keep things organized and hidden. Communications centers with a variety of ports and outlets for devices, as well as room for working
    • Islands can be constructed to accommodate several of the primary kitchen activities, such as sinks and cooking components, even a dishwasher, as well as seats for schoolwork and informal meals.


    Sitting in the kitchen tables seems to be a great way to complete you day-to-day chores. Whether it is completing a presentation or homework, a proper kitchen seating can come in handy for any desk-setting task.

    • Built-in banquette seats and breakfast nooks
    • Sitting on an island or peninsula
    • Tables with high tops and bar stools

    There are several alternatives that let you adjust the style of seats to the as per your kitchen space. Hire a Columbus kitchen remodeling contractor for when you want to renovate your kitchen’s seating arrangement.

    Multiple-Person Capability

    Do you enjoy cooking together with your significant other? The traditional “working triangle” may be enlarged by adding features like two sinks, two stove tops, and access to counters and workstations that allow two people to work together or across the kitchen without obstructing each other’s movement.

    Target Timelessness Over Trendy

    The problem with trends is that they seldom hold up over time, particularly in kitchens. If you do find yourself tempted to a certain style, though, try incorporating it in areas where the cost of change is little, such as barstools, lighting, drawer knobs, and similar items.

    Here are all the tips that can completely change the look of your kitchen. Ask the help of an expert remodeler from Build With Nova to get error-free renovation services.

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