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    Ardha Matsyendrasana: Make the spine flexible

    We have talked about this many times in our blogs that in today’s lifestyle many people are troubled by back and back pain. Now no one can give up his work in the midst of these pains. Therefore, to get rid of this back pain and back pain, people often start eating pain killers.

    By eating pain killers, the pain stops and we feel comfortable. But do you know that due to this our body is prone to many side effects and many times the situation becomes such that after getting used to eating it, there is no relief without eating it?

    Now the problem of pain is never going to end, so will you keep taking medicine for the rest of your life? If not, then let us tell you that the practice of yoga also gives relief from the problem of back pain and back pain. Yoga is becoming famous all over the world due to its qualities. The best thing is that it does not have any kind of side effect on the human body.

    Today we are going to tell about one such asana present in the mode of yoga, whose name is Ardha Matsyendrasana. The practice of this asana gets rid of all kinds of pain in the spine and at the same time, it also brings flexibility to your bone.

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    Know the method and benefits of doing Ardha Matsyendrasana.


    Ardha Matsyendrasana:

    Before knowing Ardha Matsyendrasana, know Matsyendrasana. In fact, with the half form of the postures performed in Matsyendrasana, the yoga of Ardha Matsyendrasana comes among the people.

    It is believed that this asana named Matsyendrasana was started by Swami Matsyendranath Ji, the revered Guru of Gorakhnath. He used to meditate mostly in this posture. Ardha Matsyendrasana made of half postures of Matsyendrasana was also composed by the same Guru Swami Matsyendranath of Gorakhnath. Let us know how it is practiced.


    Method of doing Ardha Matsyendrasana

    • For its practice, first of all, sit on the ground by laying a posture and lengthen both your legs in the front.
    • Now bend your left leg from your knee and bring your heel under the anus.
    • Now keep your soles with your right thigh, at the same time, stand with the right leg bent from its knee, and by taking it upwards from the left leg’s thigh, look above the floor in the back of the thigh.
    • With this, your pre-roll for this Ardha Matsyendrasana posture is now completely ready.
    • After this, crossing your left hand over the knee of your right leg, hold the thumb of the right leg with the left hand.
    • Now bend the upper part of your legs, which is called the torso, to your right.
    • Now while moving your right hand from the backside, hold the lower part of the thigh of your left leg.
    • Rotate your head to the right side so that your chin and your left shoulder are in a straight line.
    • During this, keep the chest tight and do not bend down at all.
    • It was only one side of yoga posture. Similarly, by first bending the left leg, bring your heel under the anus and complete the posture on the other side as well. In the beginning, it is enough to practice this asana for five seconds. Later on, you can increase the time limit of the exercise and do it for one minute.


    Benefits of Ardha Matsyendrasana:

    • With regular practice of Ardha Matsyendrasana, your spine always remains healthy and flexible.
    • By keeping the spine healthy, there is always energy in your youth.
    • Apart from these easy spinal bones, they also give a good workout to the nerves coming out of these bones and connected.
    • Due to this, you can also get rid of the problem of back, lower back pain, back, and joint pain.
    • Ardha Matsyendrasana also proves to be very beneficial for different parts of the abdomen.
    • By doing this, beneficial stretch is obtained in the back, legs, neck, abdominal tubes, hands, below the navel, waist, and chest nerves and this stretch has a pleasant and beneficial effect on all these organs.
    • As a result, the problem of bondage goes away.
    • By doing this asana, your gastric fire increases.
    • This asana benefits the liver, spleen, and inactive kidney.
    • While doing this, when you bend the body, the tension inside most of the muscles of the body is reduced.
    • Regular practice of Ardha Matsyendrasana also increases the concentration of the person.
    • This asana is also widely practiced to improve digestion power.
    • This asana activates the pancreas, so it is beneficial for diabetic patients.

    Caution: – If you have a lot of pain in the joints or hips, then this asana should not be done.

    Today in this article you read about the method of doing Ardha Matsyendrasana and its countless benefits. So if you also have back pain, back pain, or joint pain, then you can get rid of it with regular practice of this asana.

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