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    4 Weight Training Tips from Pros

    Here is an amalgamation of weight training tips from the pros. People who have proven success in the field and those who have been willing to share some of their successful strategies to help you achieve the results you want from your weight training program.

    The Warmup Matters

    Mat Fraser, the winner of several international Cross-Fit competitions, maintains that the warmup or pre-exercise stretch is the key to a great session. Use free weights or, even better, a kettlebell to do light kettlebell swings and squats to stretch the tendons and loosen the joints. The kettlebell weights at are a great example of being able to find the size, color, and style that will work best for you, but then use them for a warm-up before you look to lift heavy or push too hard.

    Your Diet Will Power Your Training

    Sam Briggs, who has won once and qualified over 7 times for the world Cross-Fit games says that her focus and attention to her diet is the best tip she can give. There can be no successful exercise regime without a specific and related nutrition plan. Eating the right food at the right time is a top tip, and this expert noted that you won’t go far as a weight trainer without eating right.

    Motivation Is Key

    Jay Cardiello a famous fitness trainer who specializes in weight training, noted that motivation is the key. Unless you have something that motivates you, such as a goal weight, a specific look, or size that you want to achieve, and can single-mindedly strive to achieve this, then you will not be able to achieve anything. So, set out a clear list of goals for your weight training and use these to motivate you to succeed.

    Hard Work Is the Only Way to Build Muscle

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most successful weight trainers of all time and the biggest pro of them all provides the final tip. From his years of experience and vast amounts of advice, his top tip is the fact that nothing beats hard work. You can have all the weights, kettlebells, and equipment that you need, but unless you are prepared to put in the hard work, then there will be no results. Arnold’s top tip for your next weight training session is that you should only start counting when the pain starts. It is hard, tough work, and unless you can put this in regularly, then there can be no improvement.

    Weight training is a long-term initiative and the longer you train the harder it will become to see the gains. Thus, you need to have a clear plan and understanding of the key elements needed for success. The experts above have all had remarkable careers that all stemmed from their weight training, thus the tips highlighted herein, have all been proven and used to achieve incredible things. Use them and perhaps you too will start to see the improvements that you’re looking for.

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