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    Why Choose Professional Lighting Hire London for an event?

    Consultation with an expert in event managing could be beneficial for new hosts. Companies new to this hiring game should not be trusting anyone who just has words but no professional experience. Hosting an event is a big responsibility to bear and if it’s your first event to host, you cannot afford to fail.

    It becomes essential to host an event more than the expectations to have a first good impression. First comes you need to categorize your audience of the event to make sure you communicate right to the lighting hire manager or representative to make them fully understand your requirement.

    For example: If you are having a formal breakfast meeting that may not need more than plain color lights but if you are hosting an award show you may need more than just plain lights.

    Why it is important to run a check on Lighting Hire?

    An event is all dependent on the management team and their teamwork together. People who make one bad decision of choosing an immature lighting hire for a video conference with an important client end up regretting it. Cheap rates do not guarantee quality work instead it is otherwise. It is important to run a few background checks when hosting an event. Which might include the following:

    Online presence

    The online presence of any business provides its authentication to the people who do not know about them. In the same way, a lighting hire business needs to have an online presence where people can contact them easily to discuss their requirements or concerns.


    Testimonials are the experience of the lighting team you are considering to help you in your event managing.

    The team which does not even have a testimonial, may not have worked professionally. It might be a risk to let an inexperienced lighting hire handle your official business event. But if you are having a casual get-together meeting, it is totally up to you to take that bet.

    What is the role of lighting in AV services?

    The perfect combination of lights with soothing music, if required provides a comforting environment for peace of mind and body. An event is a mixture of all the services required if one service is not held up to the mark it unbalances the whole event.

    Why lighting is considered the soul of the event?

    Professional technicians are available to solve the problem even before it affects the event. Almost everything depends upon the quality of lights. Which makes it one of the most crucial factors of the event to be considered under great focus.

    What kind of events could use a Lighting Hire Service?

    There are a lot of events individual people and companies hire lighting services for.


    Local and international conferences sometimes hire the AV productions or just lighting hire London for better user experience. These conferences are most of the time arranged for official business purposes and have a loss at this might be a bit risky.


    Seminars like other events also need perfection because a seminar may be of a training program with a special guest might be a priority of your company which you don’t want to be ruined. So it makes crucial for seminars to hire lighting services for a better user experience.

    Fashion shows

    Fashion shows are one of the events which need a lot of lights including spotlights and colourful lights. These shows require perfect combinations of lights on certain points such as during a photoshoot of a model, entering the model on a catwalk ramp, etc.

    Product launch

    The first impression of a product launch is always on the edge of a hill, one wrong move, and it’s done. It is important for a product launch to set a good impression against the buyers, wholesalers, and the press to give your product a boom.


    Fundraiser or charity programs do not require much lighting if held up outdoors. On the other hand, if a fundraiser is held up indoors program will still not require various kinds of lights, some plain colours lights will be enough.


    Exhibition events are moderate kinds of events that generally do not require many combinations of lights but it’s still up to the requirement of the client, and how does he want the event to be.

    Formal Breakfast Meeting

    Formal meetings often require just a decent environment for the official members for the required meeting.

    Award Ceremonies

    Award ceremonies unlike most of the other events require various kinds of lights for different purposes. For example, the person receiving an award will have a spotlight from their seat in the audience to the stage.

    Bonus services

    The experienced workers can provide you with the perfect event of your choice. These experienced teams of event planning prove to be an upper hand to the inexperienced ones. They also have the benefit of solving the problem right at the moment so that no one suspects anything wrong happened.

    Av production is known to be one of the best service providers in the field of lighting hire London. Having extra equipment for the emergency case always proves to be a wise decision for event planners, for example, bulbs, extension cords, projectors, etc.

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