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    What to Know Before Getting a Puppy

    The idea of getting a new puppy is always exciting. Whether you’ve had a dog already or this will be your first time, adopting a new furry friend will bring so much brightness to your life. Dogs are incredibly intelligent and emotionally intuitive animals with the ability to hugely enhance a person’s life. By giving your puppy the best start with the right care, you are helping to raise a confident, happy dog that will be an excellent companion for years to come. Here are a few basic points to consider before adopting your puppy.


    Puppies, like human babies, are not in control of their bowel movements at all times. With time and training, your puppy will learn when it is permitted to relieve itself. It will take patience to teach your puppy where you want it to go to the bathroom – you can’t expect it to immediately know that the middle of the kitchen floor is not an appropriate toilet. Puppy pads, crates, and repetitive reward systems will help encourage your puppy to only go to the toilet when instructed or when outdoors.


    Apart from toilet training your puppy, it will require many other kinds of training in order to become a well-rounded and happy dog. Not only does training offer you the opportunity to teach your puppy fun tricks, but it can also keep your dog safe. Commands such as ‘heel’, ‘sit’, and ‘stay’ make it easier to control where your dog goes, which is especially important near busy roads and other dangerous environments.

    Medical Care

    One of the most important points to remember before adopting a puppy is how you will care for it if it becomes sick or injured. Arrange to meet with a local vet for a check-up and get your puppy used to being handled by a medical professional. You can find more information about pet welfare at Although no one wants their dog to suffer any pain, it’s important to know where you can go in the event of an emergency.


    Make sure you have the right kinds of food for your puppy so it can grow into a healthy adult dog. There are certain food items that are safe for human consumption but not for dogs, so learn what is and isn’t safe for your puppy to eat.


    If you neglect to give your puppy plenty of opportunities to exercise, it will become unfit and unhealthy. To avoid health complications such as obesity and heart issues – which are common to particular breeds – then keep up a regular exercise routine for your pup.


    Dogs are happiest when they know what’s going on around them. If your lifestyle is very chaotic and unpredictable, your puppy might find it stressful and difficult to keep up. For example, some dogs become very distressed when their owners leave the room because they aren’t certain if they’ll return. By having a regular routine in place, you will help your puppy become a more relaxed dog in the future.

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