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    The Only Custom Logo Plush Guide You’ll Ever Need

    Plush creatures have a way of making their way into your heart and never leaving. Remember the teddy bear (or dog, elephant, koala, etc.) who protected you from terrible nightmares and wounded emotions by being the most beautiful cuddly, squishy buddy you could have? Let’s take a minute to do just that! A custom logo plush animal to cuddle up to now would be nice for all of us. Here, we’ll explain why personalized plush animals are a great promotional present from your company—for youngsters aged from zero to 100.

    Plush animals are popular:

    Plush animals are one of the few promotional gifts that may appeal to people of all ages. This is sure to please a youngster; adults will love the personalization (team/company logo/colors that add extra meaning), and they can always give it to a child in their lives. While 84% of men and 77% of women possess at least one stuffed animal, please don’t assume that grownups won’t retain one for themselves. Plush toys are CPSIA-compliant for children aged one and up, so you can be confident that whoever is cuddling won’t be concerned.

    High-Quality Plush Animals Are Available:

    Consider the pricing points, and you’ll see that a plush animal is a better present. Many are simply a few bucks each, yet they’re very long-lasting. Because they are impervious to damage, they are ideal for mailing. For example, this high-quality knit plush teddy bear is almost impossible to break. Plush creatures may live for years. They’re as adorable on day one as they are on day 1,000.

    Logos on plush animals:

    Plush animals are a great option if you’re searching for an item that clearly shows your company’s brand. There are several advantages to having an animal as part of your brand, including the fact that it may serve as a literal emblem of your sector, such as a plush cow from a dairy firm. Some of the most popular options we have available include:

    • Dogs
    • teddy bears
    • Unicorns
    • Giraffes
    • Lions
    • Monkeys

    A t-shirt, bandana, and other items may all be imprinted with your company’s logo and brand name. The colors may also be completely customized to fit your brand’s imagery.

    What to Do With Promotional Plush Toys

    The soft aspect of your company may be shown by using plush animals. They’re ideal for a wide range of events and occasions. The following are a few thoughts that come to mind.


    Giving a personalized plush animal as a Christmas present is a fun way to show appreciation for your customers and staff. Gifting a plush animal on Valentine’s Day and Christmas is a great way to show your loved one that you care. If you want to make a lasting impact with your Christmas present, try giving a plush animal and a box of personalized chocolates.


    A personalized plush will be a standout gift during a trade fair, which is exactly what all businesses want. In addition to the fact that most trade exhibitions include some travel for attendees, parents must leave their children for a few days to attend. Toys for their children might be given as a token of appreciation (and serve as a reminder of your brand). Even for those without kids, plush animals may be a lovely present. A study found that using them while flying reduced anxiety levels. One in four guys is known to carry a plush animal with them at all times.

    Gifts for Business

    Is there anything you’d want to do to share the love and spirit of your company? As a business present, consider giving staff a plush animal. There are various reasons why this may be done, including welcoming new employees, celebrating a significant milestone in the company’s history, or congratulating the team on a record-breaking year in sales. Morale-boosting cuddly animals are also a terrific way to brighten up any workstation.

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