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    The Most Beautiful Holiday in Jomtien Beach that Keeps Happening Again and Again

    I admit I was so fed up with all those meetings, presentations, brainstormings and spreadsheet filling. I was starting to really despair. How and where was I going to rest and regain my energy? I dreamt of an escape from my everyday life filled with deadlines, problems to solve, and, of course, meetings.

    I am a true beach type. I love basking in the warm sun, cooling myself in the sea, relaxing on the beach, laying in a private hanging lounger that rocks softly in the wind from the sea. I imagined myself in a swim suit, holding some exotic drink and being utterly free and relaxed. The decision was made and the only thing remaining to solve was finding the place.

    I searched far and wide and after going through loads of photos and reading a ton of articles, I fell in love completely with the Pattaya area at the south of Thailand. I took my vacation time, bought many colorful swimsuits and light dresses, and finally begun my dream journey.


     Jomtien Beach

    I checked in a small hotel located near Jomtien beach and inhaled the fresh sea air. After a whole day spent by swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach, I got really hungry. Having wanted to experience local cuisine, my steps lead to the Upscale restaurant along the Thappraya road, which is the main thoroughfare linking Pattaya and Jomtien, and feasted on probably the whole menu while having a beautiful view of the sea. The taste of exotic spices and the freshness of each dish made me experience tastes I have never experienced before. I totally fell for the Thai cuisine, rich local atmosphere, smiles from local people and the fact that I can finally relax from the bustling city and each and every concern related to my job.

    What are some cool things you can do in the Jomtien area?

    My experience was great. During the day, I usually spent my time with some sports activity as the Jomtien beach is a great place for exercising. I totally fell in love with scuba diving! Every evening I put headphones in my ears and went for a nice, quiet jog along the 6 km long beach. Thanks to my exercising and healthy Thai food, I felt in much better shape and healthier overall. It really suited me that the Jomtien area is a quieter one, compared to the busy north area. I was never feeling stressed out and was able to get in touch with my inner self to relax completely. I really felt the trip makes both my body and my soul thrive.

    The Pattaya area also offers many interesting trips. A stone throws away, you can find amusement parks and cultural monuments that allow you to really get close with local people and their everyday life. I was enchanted by Nong Nooch – a tropical botanical garden. Never ever have I seen such a peaceful place. Another worthwhile place is the Kaho Chi Chan (the “Buddha Mountain”) where you can contemplate your life under the calming sight of the statue. Next day, I took an adventure to the Koh Samet. It’s a small, 6 km long and 1-2 km wide, rocky coral island. It belongs to the national water park of the same name (9 islands altogether with an entrance fee of 200 THB). You can find it in the Rayong province which is located only 70 km from Pattaya. Although it’s easily accessible and very popular, it still manages to hold its face and atmosphere. Calm and magical beaches are great for lovers of serenity and nature. Thanks to strict government measures you can find neither huge hotel complexes nor any night life rush. What you can find are simple beach restaurants with tasty renowned cuisine which you will definitely fall in love with. You can rejoice in water, enjoy some scuba diving or immerse yourself in the sun relaxing on white beaches.

    Going back to the Pattaya area, I enjoyed going to the Pattaya Floating market – a place to buy everything fresh and good and where you meet some very nice local people. Often, I just sat and observed Thais on boats and the living rush of the market.

    The End? No!

    As my holiday neared the end, I couldn’t imagine returning to Jomtien never again. I had a magical time and could really felt that I found my second home.

    I also found out that this area has become quite popular for Bangkok residents seeking a second home together with some adventurous people from other countries. I thought that it wasn’t a bad idea so I started searching for a condo to buy in my beloved Jomtien. I got in contact with Jomtien real estate and they were more than happy to help me my dream house. They had so many condos for sale in Jomtien.

    I told them my idea and they took care of all the things necessary. Soon, I was thoroughly enjoying my small condominium near Jomtien beach that had soon become my second home. I fulfilled my life-long dream to have a quite nice retreat. I spend most of my days in the Jomtien area as for work I only need my laptop. Whenever I watch beach from my Jomtien beach condo I feel happy that I made my choice to stay here for the rest (best) part of my life!


    With love! 🙂


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