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    The Advantages of Using a Waterjet Cutting Machine

    For many years, people have used cutting machines to split everything from metal to stone. However, there’s one system that has jumped up in popularity in recent times: a waterjet cutting machine.

    In fact, many industries have decided to swap out their old systems as they adopt waterjet cutting machines. There are many reasons why this is the case. One of the most pertinent is that, when matched against other cutting methods, it can cut high-quality parts with no undesirable material effects.

    With that said, that’s just the start. Here are some of the main advantages gained from using a waterjet cutting machine.

    No materials off the table

    Waterjet cutting machines are incredibly versatile. So much so that they can cut nearly any material. That includes metals, stones, ceramics, plastics, glass, composites, rubber, and so on.

    This type of versatility is achieved by the waterjet’s unique cutting method. Kerf Developments, a leading manufacturer of waterjet cutting machines, notes the process involves a mechanical sawing procedure. This is different from other popular systems such as oxy fuel, plasma, and laser cutters which utilize a thermal cutting technique.

    The cutting occurs with a narrow water stream, which is fired out with great velocity and contains sharp bits of rock to achieve the desired cut.

    Materials are not distorted

    When you’re seeking a fine cut, look no further than a waterjet cutting machine. This fine cut is produced without any type of distortion in the material, whether you’re working with metal, stone, or any other applicable substance. The result: you achieve a burr-free cut that is smooth.

    The lack of distortion is achieved because heat exposure is bypassed – an advantage gained from the waterjet’s cold cutting method.

    No heat-affected zone

    As mentioned in the previous point, waterjet cutting machines utilize a cold cutting method. This means there is no occurrence of the heat-affected zone (HAZ). Along with achieving clean cuts, the lack of a heat-affected zone is beneficial for those operating the waterjet cutting machine. This is because it improves their safety by removing the possibility of burns when touching the material.

    No hazardous waste is produced

    The eco-friendly nature of waterjet cutting machines is another advantage in its favor. This is particularly important due to the growing demand for industries to follow environmentally friendly processes.

    The system is eco-friendly as it doesn’t produce any form of hazardous waste. While other cutting technologies release gases and fumes, this isn’t the case with waterjet cutting.

    Additional finishing process isn’t required

    Due to the high-quality cut produced by a waterjet cutting machine, there’s no need to conduct a further finishing process. Eliminating this stage from the process supplies a number of advantages. Not only does it speed up the cutting process significantly, but it also means an employee isn’t required to complete finishing.

    You save time, your employees can maintain focus on other areas of their work, and the overall efficiency of the production process is boosted.

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