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    How to Find Stylist Haircuts for Men

    Today, stylish men haircuts are everywhere and it’s also very easy to find one. With the increase of online support and technology, you can find a nice hairstyle and get it done at the comfort of your home.

    As a matter of fact, getting one of the best stylish hairstyles for men can complement that nice suit. Hairstyles make the difference in regard to fashion. It will get a clear cut between the fashion faux pas and that handsome look.

    It’s now time to help you research and get some best and stylish haircuts for men. We help you get some cool short men’s haircuts and unique haircuts that will distinguish you from other men in the streets. We will as well propose some most common and stylish haircuts for guys in 2019.

    Before we continue, it’s very imperative to advice that you should find a stylish hairstyle that works perfectly for you. Actually, not all hairstyles works best for all men. This means you don’t have to get the exact hairstyle discussed in this paper. We live in a free world and hence you have all the freedom to check the one that works perfectly for you. You also have a chance to ask your barber for recommendations and changes.

    What haircuts should I get?

    The question of what haircut you should go for depends on very many factors. If you have every wondered which men’s haircuts you should go for, then you need to take into consideration the below factors.

    Face Shape

    The reality of the matter is that the shape of your head can greatly influence which haircut to go for. It also affects your overall look after getting any type of hairstyle. This means there’s sense in first of all checking on what hairstyle you should go for. You have to check which hairstyle is compatible with your face shape.

    The best news is that the most common face shapes are oval and long faces. Now you may be wondering which hairstyle an oval faced man should consider or what a long faced man should consider.

    This is the main reason why you will find many hairstylists categorizing men’s hairstyles depending on the head and face shape. You can consider the quaff, slick back, textured crop, faux hawk and Pompadour among many other hairstyles depending on your face shape.

    Hair type and texture

    The other factor that greatly determines your hairstyle is hair type and texture. Regardless of the fact that some tools including blow-driers, and straighteners can impact impressively on hair texture, there are some hairstyles that works for certain hair textures and type. This means you should try to look for a hair style that works perfectly for your hairstyle. Here are some most common hair types and textures.

    • Curly Hair-This looks great with certain hairstyles including fades an edgy.
    • Wavy thick hair-This is another very common hair type that works perfectly well with almost all hairstyles. Though, if you have wavy thick hair, never try slick backs because they are difficult to try.
    • Straight, coarse hair-It’s a perfect hair type that can match most natural hairstyles.
    • Straight thin hair-This hair type looks great with classic hairstyles.


    Before you settle for any hairstyle, you should greatly consider your profession. The best thing is that in the 21st century, your profession has little impact on your hairstyle. Though, if you are a banker or in any managerial post, it’s always an imperative thing to choose hairstyles that are simple and professional like.

    There are some other professionals that require you to be neat. It’s always a good thing to be neat especially if you are a man of high profession.

    Be realistic when choosing

    Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, it’s a good thing to make sure you are extremely realistic. Most active people prefer to spend a lot of their time maintaining their hair. Though, if you are not one of those people that have more time to style their hair, it’s always a nice thing to go for simpler hairstyles.

    Latest men hairstyles in 2019

    We both know that despite the fact that human hair is great and gets most attention, we men should still style our hair. Below are some of the moist common hairstyles in 2019 that you can go for.

    Undercut-The modern Cut

    This hairstyle combines short and long men’s hairstyles. This is to make the hair stand out from all dimensions. In this hairstyle, the back and the sides are shaved but the hair at the top is swept right, Backwards or left.

    Why is this hairstyle popular?

    It’s a nice hairstyle for the working class and those looking for a nice hairstyle depending on their profession. It’s also fit for almost all face types and is very popular among the celebrities.

    Classic Quiff

    This hairstyle adds volume to a guy’s hair. To style this, the sides are cut shorter and the hair at the top combined forward but not the front part.

    Why is this hairstyle popular?

    There are several reasons why this hairstyle is common. It’s very common among the celebrities including the young musicians. The hairstyle is very simple and shows that you are not really high maintenance.

    Classic Pompadour

    This hairstyle is very common and has also been very popular in the 90s. It is made short on the sides and back and also long on the top. This is a standard formula for men seeking to be attractive.

    Why is this hairstyle popular?

    This hairstyle is popular for all the good reasons. It’s common among men because it works with length. The hairstyle may appear high maintenance but it’s charming.

    Crew cut

    This is the real men’s hairstyle because it works well for almost all men regardless of the age, though it’s very nice for older people. It can be a good match for people in the corporate world.

    Why is this hairstyle popular?

    The hairstyle is easy to maintain and at the same time to style. For those men looking for simplicity, this hairstyle is right for you. It is also a women’s favorite.

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