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    The Month of Safar: Significance of Performing Umrah in The Month of Safar

    Islamic culture and traditions adhere to a 12-month lunar calendar. Every month begins with the new moon and has a different daily pattern. The month of Safar is amongst the most important months in the Islamic calendar, and it is one of the twelve Hijri months. Scholars believe it was a time in pre-Islamic history when people would leave their houses and go out to seek food. It’s the second month and it signifies emptiness.

    Major Islamic Occurrences in The Month of Safar

    The significance of the month is determined by the presence of some of the most significant incidents in Prophet Muhammad’s life. Among them are:

    • ¾ In the month of Safar, the Prophet moved from Makkah to Madinah.
    • ¾ In this month, he became sick.
    • ¾ Fatima (R.A), the Prophet’s (S.A.W) daughter married this month.
    • ¾ Hasan Ibn Ali (RA), the Prophet’s grandson, was martyred.

    Martyrdom has been the most renowned of all these events that happened in Safar. In sessions known as majalis, sermons are given from the minbar. It describes the ordeals endured by al-Imam al-Hussain (R.A) and his associates. Some people think that calamities or mishaps in the month of Safar draw one nearer to Allah Almighty. It tends to make individuals fearful and obedient to the Almighty. It strengthens confidence in the one great authority, Allah. While individuals know that riches and disasters are God’s blessings, it will get them closer to their creator.

    Performance of Umrah in The Month of Safar

    Umrah is a significant journey that necessitates complete dedication in order to worship and thank the Almighty. Although this can be undertaken at any time of year, the weeks of Safar provide the most ease. After Ramadan, the month of Muharram and Safar are regarded as magnificent months. Because the Kaaba and Haram are less crowded and Muslims can undertake rituals easily. Muslims all around the world can perform Umrah in Safar by availing of cheap September Umrah packages.

    The Umrah pilgrimage is sanctified and cannot be accomplished unless one’s concentration is fully on Allah (SWT). Visiting Allah Almighty’s house during this month permits one to completely submit and pray in serenity. Unlike widespread misunderstandings and assumptions, Umrah pilgrimage in the month of Safar is one of the finest durations in a year. You can get September Umrah packages at low rates by renowned travel companies to perform Umrah with peace and devotion. This not just ensures a personal and committed experience, but it is also a financially viable option. Just after the hectic month of Hajj, the cost of travel and accommodation drops significantly in Safar. So, it’s the right time to avail this prestigious opportunity. As a result, it encourages a serene pilgrimage without the discomfort of hustling. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding Safar and according to some beliefs, Muslims should perform Umrah in it. But the fact is that Muslims are allowed to perform Umrah in any month of the year except the days of Hajj.

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