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    Morclothes reviews: Why is a Scam Website?

    Ever since we started writing these Morclothes reviews, it’s becoming harder and harder to convince people that the site is a scam. It seems the only people that are being convinced are those who have experienced their poor customer service first hand or have had items not show up after ordering.

    One person even commented on our latest review saying “People who say Morclothes is a scam are not telling the truth. They’ve been with us in every need for an year and they are awesome.”

    We wondered what he meant by awesome, especially since the review states otherwise. What was so awesome about these people?

    We decided to investigate further and see what this “awesome” person was talking about, so here are our reasons and supporting evidence that is a scam website.

    60% Negative review on

    TrustPilot is a reputable site that allows customers to review sites they have used.

    We looked at some of the reviews left on the Morclothes website and found over 60% were negative with customers experiencing poor service, items not arriving or being poor quality. This is a great sing that it’s a scam website.

    Customer service is poor

    We have received hundreds of complaints from people who have been ignored by their customer service, not replied to or had a dispute closed by them for no apparent reason. We also found many negative comments on the Better Business Bureau’s site about their customer service too. Many reviews also supports this.

    Fake Address and Phone number

    Their contact details are a PO Box and no telephone number. We found it very hard to find any information about the company and who was behind it. This is clearly because they want to remain anonymous so they can continue scamming people with impunity.

    Big discounts and mouth-watering offers:

    If you take a look at their site, and we really mean if you look, you’ll see they offer huge discounts and products at rock-bottom prices.  If it sounds like this is an ad for the Morcloth website, then that’s because it probably is. They are using phony photos to fool people into thinking the item is in stock, when in fact it isn’t. They are using these great offers to entice people in and then selling them items that don’t exist.

    Free worldwide delivery:

    It’s only a Scam store that would propose delivering orders in Somalia, Canada, US, Mexico, Afghanistan and Yemen without any accruing costs.  What a deal, huh?

    Lack of information on the company:

    There is very little information about who owns or runs this business. In fact there are no names, only initials and it seems as if they don’t want to be identified. There is nothing giving people confidence in them as a real company that has been around for a long time.

    They only accept PayPal

    The company only accepts PayPal and I was here wondering why it’s difficult to accept MasterCard and Visa? Do they care about some of us that don’t use PayPal? PayPal is also a very common method of paying for such websites.

    To us, it seems as if people are getting far too excited about these bogus deals and upselling offers that they’ve ignored the obvious signs that this site is a scam. If you shop with your eyes open, you should be able to see the signs we’re talking about and should not fall for their tricks.

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