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    How Do Communication API’s Work?

    Today, customers are more likely to reach out to brands through various channels such as mobile applications and social media. In the past, they would typically reach out to a company by phone. However, with the rise of mobile applications and the increasing number of companies using VoIP solutions, customers are expecting brands to be accessible through these platforms.

    With the rise of communication APIs, developers can now easily add voice and text communications channels to their mobile apps without having to go through the usual development process. For this, you can use one of the top Twilio competitors.

    According to a survey conducted by C-level executives, 66% of consumers use more than three touchpoints to contact their favorite brands. It’s up to the team members to make sure that they are agile enough to add these to their app.

    A communication API is a type of software that allows applications to add various communications channels to their software. These include text and voice messaging capabilities. The code used in this type of API is usually stored in the cloud. An API can be used to connect a software solution to a CRM platform such as Salesforce.

    According to a report by Forrester, these types of tools allow developers to deliver services that solve specific problems. In many cases, these tools allow customers to interact more easily with a brand.

    A communication API can be used to connect an app to a specific service. For instance, if you have a built-in voice connectivity feature, it can allow your customers to easily reach your agents. With an API, you can also add other communication channels such as video, social media and messaging services like WhatsApp to your app. Software development kits (SDKs) can also help developers create specialized solutions for their businesses.

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    Communication API Types

    Understanding the various functions of an API is very important to ensure that you can make the most of its capabilities.

    1. Voice APIs

    Aside from voice calling, an API can be used to add other functions such as call recording and conference calling. These can help make it easier for your customers to contact you. Although it may seem like an obvious addition, your team can add other functions to your application.

    One of the most common types of APIs is the REST, which allows applications to connect to other voice services. This allows them to receive and send calls from one another.

    2. MMS, RCS and SMS APIs

    With the rise of texting as a type of communication channel, many CPaaS providers are now delivering features that allow their customers to reach out to their target audiences through various messaging platforms.

    One of the most popular platforms currently offering these features is the Twilio messaging API, which allows developers to convert text messages into various formats. Because of this, many Twilio competitors have formed.

    Due to the increasing number of carriers supporting rich communications services, such as those offered by Google Maps, many CPaaS providers are now starting to include this type of messaging API in their offerings. Unfortunately, this type of messaging API only works on Android devices.

    3. Chat APIs

    Aside from text, many providers have started to add other features to their offerings, such as the ability to send files and documents to their customers using the chat software of their choice. This is because many people prefer the experience of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Having the right communication API can make it easier for your team to send and receive documents and other files.

    4. Emergency Call APIs

    One of the most popular features that CPaaS providers are now offering is the ability to allow their end-users to access E911 services. This allows them to provide their customers with peace of mind when it comes to emergencies.

    Why We Need These APIs

    Before the advent of modern platforms, it took a team of developers weeks or even months to add various communications features to an app. With the help of modern SDKs and APIs, development teams can now add these features in just a couple of hours. CPaaS providers also tend to reduce the amount of coding required by allowing developers to add features through their own unique UIs.

    Almost all organizations consider the customer experience as a differentiator when it comes to improving their call center operations. Having the right communication API can help improve the overall experience of their customers.

    One of the most effective ways to improve the customer experience is by implementing visual menus into an app that uses chatbots or interactive voice response (IVR). Due to the availability of CPaaS providers, it is now easier than ever to add these features to an app. As a result, smaller businesses can now create applications that are capable of handling omnichannel communications.

    Even with a limited team, having the right communication API can help small businesses expand their reach and provide their customers with a wider variety of communication channels. This is especially important during the era of COVID-19, where companies often rely on remote methods to contact their customers.

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