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    Every Man Has a Woman’s Hand Behind his Success!

    A company’s annual picnic was going on at a crocodile farm in Thailand. The whimsical owner of the company suddenly announced that if anyone could save his life by swimming in this pond full of crocodiles, he would get a reward of  5 million. And if he dies, his family will get 2 million dollars!🌚

    For a long time, no one dared to take up this terrible challenge of meeting death. Suddenly a man jumped into the pond. But everyone who stood on the shore thinking of his sure loss of life began to regret! But by some miracle, fortunately, he was able to cross the pond unscathed by swimming to his death, when many were congratulating him for his success and receiving the prize, some were blaming him for this terrible adventure.

    With a sigh of relief, the owner of the company handed the 5 million check to the employee!

    But, still terrified, the employee wants to know, shouting, “Who pushed me from behind?” It was later learned that his wife had pushed him

    And from that day on came the proverb that “Every man has a woman’s hand behind his success”!😌

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