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    How to Clean a black Wide-Brim Hat That’s Available in Different Materials?

    Wide brim hat lovers need to accept a core truth! Their best hats will have to undergo the test of time and pass through the stages of accumulating watermarks, stains, debris, and dirt. Hence, it would help if you kept your hat clean. And during this process, it is essential to take care of the hat fabric and material. In most, cases you will have to follow different cleaning techniques for other hat materials.

    Every wide-brim hat comes with a distinctive construction and needs to get cleaned according to that. You need to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged because of the cleaning. It could be sweat stains or other marks that you wish to get rid of, but it’s essential that you follow the correct technique. In this article, we will provide you with the apt data.

    Most people don’t have the time to opt-in for professional hat cleaning services. One of the best reasons for this is that they don’t have so much time to co-ordinate with a professional. Others want to follow the simple cleaning techniques and make sure that their wide-brim hats are clean and in the perfect shape.

    Guidelines for cleaning wide-brim wool and fur felt hats

    When you know how to clean this hat variety, you learn how to keep them in the correct shape. All you will need is a soft-bristle brush. In some instances, you might require powdered cleaners and a steam cleaner.

    • Using the soft-bristle brush, you can brush the bottom and top of the hat in a counter-clockwise direction.
    • Keep the hat on its top and hang it from a hood or peg to retain the shape.
    • When the hat is wet, take away the extra water, allow it to dry, and gently clean it with a brush.
    • Make use of steam to clean and shape the hat. And for heavy stains, you can make use of powdered cleaners.

    Guidelines for cleaning wide-brim straw hats

    Apart from the daily after-wear upkeep, you might have to deep-clean a wide-brim straw hat. Here you can use an old window clear. But if you want to opt-in for something stronger, you can use a hat clear as that will take away all the dirt, residue and grime from straw hats.

    • Use a small whisk broom to brush the hat in addition to a damp cloth. If there are heavy stains, use window cleaner.
    • Make sure that wide-brim straw hats don’t get wet in the rain. In case it does, you can wipe off the added water using a dry cloth. After that you can turn up the brim, place it on a level and clean the surface till its dry.
    • Steam the hat so that it gets back its shape.
    • Make sure that you don’t use artificial heat.

    Guidelines to clean black wide-brim suede leather hats

    When you know how to clean the wide-brim suede leather hats, it can ensure that your costly hats move from being shiny and take on a vintage look. The correct cleaning process will add value to the hat. You might require a stiff bristle brush, a suede bar, fine-grit sandpaper, emery cloth, and other household cleaning products.

    • You can brush the hat using the stiff bristle brush so that the dust and dirt come out. When you brush the hat in regular intervals, it enables the hat to appear fresh.
    • You can also buff any caked or suede dirt using the fine-grit sandpaper or emery cloth. Make sure to select a grit that matches the hat finish. Usually, 120-grit is perfect for wide-brim hats that have a suede finish.
    • If the hat is made of light-shade leather, you can use a suede bar for the stains. You can move this bar in round patterns for erasing the stain. It is essential to work on the material to set the stain. After that, you can brush once more using the suede brush.
    • You can take away the oily stains totally. It’s best to get the same removed, making use of baby shampoo in warm water. Make sure to use the mixture along with the suede brush.
    • As the hat gets wet, make sure to take away the added water and allow it to dry. After this, you can brush it completely clean.
    • You can opt-in for steam cleaning to remove the water spots and also reshape the hat.

    These are some of the essential guidelines for cleaning wide-brim hats made of different materials. Hat lovers want to keep their hats in the best condition so that they can flaunt their wide-brim hats and visit their favorite summer destinations and other locales. Today, the expert hatmakers will let you know about the cleaning tactics that are applicable for different types of wide-brim hats. Once you follow these guidelines, you can keep your hat free from dust, stains, dirt, and other marks that might crop up from time to time.

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