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    All You Wanted To Know About IAS And IPS Officer Of India

    IAS and IPS are the two generally attractive and incredibly common administrations in India. Both administrations are vital for the turn of events and the security of the country. Likewise, both administrations have their magnificence and obligations. In any case, the force and elements of IAS contrast from that of IPS. How could the applicants pick between the two? Which of them is all the more impressive? The well-established discussion of IAS versus IPS won’t ever end. In this article, we will cover the significant contrasts between IAS and IPS. 

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    Job Of IPS 

    The obligations of an IPS official, by and large, incorporate keeping law and control, law requirement, public request, wrongdoing examination, and so on. To put it plainly, his essential obligation is to guarantee the security and tranquility of the general population. The contenders for both administrations are selected through the Civil Services Examination. Notwithstanding, the progressive system is insightful, IAS is above IPS. 


    The uniform of the two IAS versus IPS is unique. Initially, there is no particular uniform for IAS officials except that they need to wear formals on occasions. Besides, the IPS official has an appropriate uniform code. Likewise, it differs with advancement as it shifts at each level. A string, Ashoka, and sword are compulsory for each post. On days like Independence and Republic Day, IPS officials must be in full uniform. 

    Advancement IAS Versus IPS 

    In India, the Cabinet Secretary is the most noteworthy post to which just an IAS official can be selected. Likewise, the state has the main secretary, a top post who is additionally an IAS official. IAS officials are designated for the post of Home Secretary. 

    The IPS official turns into the DGP of the state. For those who do not know DGP full form, it is Director General of Police

     Then again, an IPS official can likewise be an overseer of CBI, RAW, and IB in the focal government. Additionally, IPS can be advanced as a National Security Advisor. 

    Why Indian Administrative Service (IAS) 

    Initially, assuming the up-and-comer needs the ability to oversee government undertakings then, at that point, go for IAS. Second, you should be clear with regards to what you need to be. On the off chance that force is your decision, IAS is your best approach. Aside from this, there is likewise a feeling of professional stability as an IAS can’t be broken without any problem. On the off chance that the term is broadened, the choice official can serve till the age of 60 years or more. Additionally, IAS officials get the most noteworthy regard in India. That is the reason many individuals consider this esteemed situation as the most amazing job they could ever ask for. Chosen applicants can likewise get a positive change from the general public as they have a ton of force and authority. 

    Why Indian Police Service (IPS) 

    It is a term that incorporates power, impact, the executives of wrongdoing, and request. Thus, applicants who need to enter these fields should go for IPS. In any case, remember that you must be impressive and fit to join the help. Likewise, an IPS official works in police examinations and has the ability and capability. Aside from this, the most remarkable organization of the nation is going by IPS officials. You would prefer not to meddle with an IPS official as far as a force. Since they can put even an IAS official in a tough situation. The CBI, overseen by an IPS official, can likewise capture pastors. 

    Ultimately, there can be no harmony and amiability in any general public without an incredible IPS official and his group. The police division is an impression of government force and authority. 


    IAS versus IPS is a discussion that has no end as both the posts are rumored in their separate fields. Likewise, it relies upon the up-and-comer whether he needs to turn into an IAS official or an IPS official. Yet, consistently remember that breaking the UPSC test is difficult. Being one of these requires long periods of difficult work and concentration. Likewise, not every person can be an IPS, on the off chance that you don’t care for wrongdoing, peace and lawfulness issues, and mobs, IPS isn’t intended for you. Aside from this, there are many levels to be passed to get settled as an IPS official. There is no decent working time for IPS. An IPS official needs to give priority to the wellbeing of the residents first. 

    Then again, there is congruity in the assistance example of IAS. They need to oversee and deal with the issues all alone. The IPS officer handles the police office yet IAS plays a part in the organization. Henceforth, the applicant must be aware of what he/she needs and ought to be objectively arranged.

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